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Saturday, September 16th 2017. | Cute Drawings

Drawing is an artistic way to express your feelings. Get free ideas for your next drawings on our site!

Some people appear to have a natural flair for drawing, yet others struggle with rendering an accurate portrayal of what lies in front of them.

Ways to Improve Drawing

The secret to improving drawing ability is to learn to see. This entails forestalling the left side of the brain. The following tips might help.

  • Turn the drawing upside down or view it through a mirror. This will cause mistakes to become obvious.
  • Stand ten feet away from the drawing. This will force the brain to view the drawing holistically.
  • Do not look at the drawing for two minutes. This will reboot the brain and encourage a fresh viewpoint.
  • Flick the eyes at regular intervals from the scene to the drawing in order to get a comparison between the two.

The first line will never be accurate. This is why drawing from light to dark is important. Mistakes can be overdrawn and accuracy is built up as each adjustment is made.

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